Strength Training for Cricket

Batter or Bowler

Are you training for batting or bowling?   In your life as a cricketer, is your game based more around the art of scoring runs, or the art of preventing them and taking wickets?   The answer to this question will dictate where exactly your focus should be in your strength training, as physically speaking, […]

Why Strength train for Cricket?

There is far more importance to strength training for improved sports performance than simply adding some muscle to your body. Strength training aims to improve the baseline from which all physical attributes are expressed – in other words, actions such as a more powerful cover drive or a more powerful throw when fielding, are the […]

Bowling’s Physical Components

When discussing the physical nature of bowling and the training preparation for it, we are almost exclusively referring to pace bowling, rather than spin bowling. Pace bowling is much more physically demanding, players have far greater instances and severity of injuries, a shorter career spans, dure to this reality. As a result, strength training contributes […]

Throwing and Cricket – Part 2

Throwing is more than just the shoulder and arm Of course there is more to the throwing action than just the shoulder and arm (which we looked at in part 1). There are certainly various forms of throwing, and as a result the degree to which various parts of the body are involved differs. However […]

Throwing and Cricket – Part 1

Throwing – it might not seem like a big deal, however it is, and it is also a great action to cover in terms of looking at some of the key anatomy within cricket.   Even though throwing occurs only when fielding, and as a result may not seem important, the high impact nature of […]

The 3 Planes of Movement

For starters, as you move around, you are moving around and operating in a 3-dimesional existence, where your movements operate in one of, or a combination of, 3 planes of movement. Most everyday movements will require movement, or at the very least some stability, in all 3 planes. As cricket is a very dynamic part […]

Movements not muscles when training for cricket

Why when preparing for cricket, if you are ‘body-building’ you are heading down the wrong track ‘Movements not muscles’ means a change in focus on what you are developing and how you are developing it. This is a very important discussion to have for all cricketers looking to improve their physical capacity for contribution to […]