Strength Training for Cricket

How functional or valuable are the deadlift and the squat for cricket?

The word ‘functional’ is such an overused ‘buzzword’ in todays fitness world, and has taken over from other such buzzwords like ‘core’ and ‘fat-burning zone’, and whilst the movement of the exercise and fitness industry away from Frankenstein-style muscle isolation and machine training towards a more ‘functional’ approach is certainly not a bad thing, the […]

The 5 keys steps to a truly effective Cricket Strength Training Program

1. Needs Analysis Cricket is such a unique game – and particularly in the way that it requires ability in so many different athletic positions, where the demands from role to role (batter and bowler for example) are so different. Therefore, the first step is to truly understand the demands required in a game of […]

Cricket – Some Programming Thoughts

What is the best sets and reps scheme to use? Should I do 3 sets? Or should I do more? Is it best to do higher reps? Or should I stick to less reps and more weight? 3 sets of 10? 5 sets of 5? What about rest times? Alright, lets slow down with the […]

Don’t lose sight of the end goal – Lifting maximal weight isn’t it

A very important thing to remember at all times with your strength training as a batter, bowler or all-rounder, is to not lose sight of the context of your strength training in terms of its place in your overall program (along with running, club training and match days.) Many young players when they first get […]

Combining Power & Strength Training

We thought we would add in this important discussion as a link between several articles that we have posted lately regarding power development, how it links in with strength, and how it all really fits together – with what the overall aims are. Cricket players these days have begun to recognise the need for a […]